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In-house diagnostics

Here at Oakwood Veterinary Group we have a wide range of diagnostic equipment available to us to help diagnose your pet’s problem and monitor its response to treatment.

We have a well equipped laboratory which enables us to analyse urine samples, skin samples and ear swabs, as well as running a wide range of tests on blood samples taken from our patients. Results for these tests are often available the same day. For more complicated cases or for more specialised tests we use the services of outside laboratories.

We have a diagnostic E.C.G. machine which can be used for evaluating heart conditions.

Our ultrasound machine can be used for pregnancy diagnosis in dogs and cats, but we can also use it to scan internal organs (e.g. liver, kidneys, spleen, and bladder) in the investigation of disease.

Our x-ray machine and developer is able to x-ray everything from a guinea pig’s toe up to a Great Dane’s tummy! The x-ray films produced are used in the diagnosis of diseases but can also be sent or emailed to referral veterinarians if we feel a specialist opinion is required. We can, on request, take x-rays for scoring under the BVA/Kennel Club Hip and Elbow score schemes.

We have a rigid endoscope (a tiny camera) which can be used in the investigation of nasal and bladder problems - both areas which can be difficult to look at with other methods

We have recently purchased a Doppler blood pressure monitor – yes pets can suffer from high blood pressure too!