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Phone: 01379 852146


Email: admin@oakwoodvets.co.uk

Hospitalisation/kennelling facilities

Our cat and dog ward has kennels of varying sizes –one size definitely does not fit all! It is also fully air-conditioned so we can regulate the temperature throughout the year. For extra warmth if needed we use infra-red lamps and under-bed heat pads.

We stock a range of wet and dry diets to feed our patients as we recognise that they are all individuals. In some cases however we may ask that you bring in their own food –this is especially important if they are on a prescription diet, or have dietary intolerances.

All our patients are closely monitored by our team of veterinary nurses and the veterinary surgeon in charge of the case. For patients staying with us we ask that you provide us with a telephone number on which we can contact you if we need to, but we also ask you to phone at specific times to check on the progress of your pet – this would normally be 9am and 3.30pm.

For patients staying overnight there is a veterinary surgeon on call whose responsibility it is to attend to them. Although we do not have facilities for staff to stay on site, each and every patient will get as much attention overnight as their condition dictates.