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Travel & Brexit

Taking a pet abroad after March 2019

As the final outcome of the Brexit negotiations is still unknown there is as yet no clear guidance as to how this will affect pets and other animals entering and exiting the EU. The government previously issued a document detailing several potential outcomes that may occur. Some of these outcomes require action 4 months in advance of travel, therefore we have outlined some options on our website for your information. As a practice, we will be monitoring the progress and keeping up to date with changes over the coming months.


Travel and Brexit

Should the UK leave the EU, the UK will not necessarily follow the same export and import rules currently used. As yet no trade agreement following Brexit has been accepted, but vets have been given some guidance to help pet owners prepare for travelling with their pet. As the UK could leave the EU at any time and with quite short notice, the situation remains uncertain and the advice below may well change as the political situation unfolds.


How does leaving the EU affect my travel with my pet?

Depending on the agreement obtained, there are three potential outcomes that may occur in regards to pet travel. Of these potential outcomes, should the EU class the UK as a ‘part 2 listed country’ or a ‘part 3 listed country’ early preparation for travel will be required. It is important to note that the length of this preparation period could be up to 4 months or potentially longer if repeat blood testing is needed. If a ‘no deal’ Brexit occurs then the UK would be an unlisted third country.



What is the blood titre test?

The blood titre test measures the level of vaccine response in the blood by assessing anti-bodies as a way of assesses if a vaccine has provided active protection against a disease. Antibody levels can fall in the months and years following vaccination so there is a risk that a pet may ‘fail’ the blood test despite having up-to-date vaccinations and still being protected against rabies infection. In these circumstances repeat vaccination may be needed to ensure you pet ‘passes’ the blood test


What are the results of the titre test?

There is a pass mark for acceptable test readings that are used by the EU and which will apply if the UK becomes an unlisted third country, or in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

PASS titre – Your pet must wait for 3 months following the date that the blood was taken for the test prior to travelling to the EU.

FAIL titre – Your pet must be re-vaccinated and a repeat blood test carried out 30 days after the vaccination. If the 2nd blood test is a pass, there is a 3 month waiting period from the date of the second blood test prior to travelling to the EU.


How can I prepare in advance?

- Contact us if you are concerned if this may affect your travel

- Check your pet’s rabies vaccination is up-to-date - For more up-to-date information: click here


Dr Trudy Musgrove BVSc Cert. AVP (GP) MRCVS

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